How much do you know about the anti cheating device of the weighbridge?


Weighbridge anti cheating device is a kind of anti cheating instrument to prevent cheating. It captures, analyzes and processes the wireless remote control signal of the weighbridge within the effective working range, shields the cheating signal, monitors in real time, records and locks the data, and helps enterprises avoid illegal invasion. It is also called the weighbridge anti cheating device.

Anti cheating methods of electronic truck scale


According to various cheating forms of electronic truck scale, enterprises can adopt the following corresponding methods in order to safeguard their own legitimate interests

Common sense of standard weights


At present, the weights are divided into two classes and nine classes, including first class, second class, E1 class, E2 class, F1 class, F2 class, M1 class, M11 class, M2 class, M22 class and 0 class, according to the provisions of JJG99-1990 Weights. The weights are classified according to the grade:

How to purchase weighing software


With the popularization of weighing information management in weighing room, it is very important to select a suitable weighing software display.

What are the verification procedures of electronic truck scale?


Generally, it takes 3 hours to complete the above procedures with a weight of 1 ton. This requires that the truck scale should be completely cleaned before verification, and adequate preparations should be made to avoid unnecessary time.完成上述程序需要花费的总时间为3个小时。这就需要要求在检定之前把汽车衡完全清理干净,并做好充足的准备,以免花费不必要的时间。电子汽车衡检定流程:1、首先是对汽车衡的外观检查,包括零点的确认或校准,对载荷微小变化的反应能力(鉴别力)和空载值的重复性。2、采用10吨载荷的秤台的每一个支撑点进行检定(偏载检定)3、采用零点检定,从零点到20吨进行加载检定。4、采用以相同的方式

How to deal with the water in the electronic truck scale?


The most feared thing for electronic products is water ingress, especially for such delicate instruments as truck scales, once water ingress, they may need to be repaired or replaced. In addition to purchasing waterproof sensors, some water treatment is also very important. Today, Jinhua Liantai Weighing Apparatus came to tell us some methods for water ingress treatment of this electronic truck scale, hoping to help us!

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