Three key points to be paid attention to when connecting electronic scales with supporting facilities


The wire connection includes the connection of the electronic scale to the sensor junction box, the connection of the junction box to the weighing index, and the connection of the weighing index to the printer, large screen display, computer and other equipment.

How to Prevent Water and Moisture of Electronic Weighing Scale


As the junction box and sensor in the electronic scale are very sensitive to humidity, it is necessary to take certain waterproof and moisture-proof measures for the electronic scale. To avoid flooding, pay attention to the following points when installing the electronic scale:

Daily inspection of electronic weighbridge


As an increasingly popular large-scale cargo weighing instrument, the electronic weighbridge is essential for maintaining its long-term, stable and accurate work, in addition to regular maintenance, and daily inspection. Today, the knowledge I brought to you is about the inspection items that must be tested in the daily inspection of electronic weighbridge.

Need to know about maintenance of electronic weighbridge


The electronic weighbridge requires high accuracy and stability. Therefore, we should reasonably maintain the electronic weighbridge in the process of using it to ensure its accuracy and stability. However, no other weighing equipment is used during the maintenance of the electronic weighbridge. Therefore, pay attention to the following items for the maintenance of electronic weighbridge:

Precautions for use of SCS digital truck scale


1. The electronic weighing instrument shall not be placed in the direct sunlight, the place directly affected by the heater, and the environment with strong vibration. 2. The product shall be used within the allowable power supply voltage and frequency range to avoid unnecessary failure.

About the replacement of electronic truck scale instrument


Replace the electronic truck scale instrument, replace the old instrument, and connect the new instrument. Here, be careful not to be busy entering the sensor address and relevant parameters. The correct steps are:

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