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Electronic scale with supporting facilities for the connection of the three essentials

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Electronic scale with supporting facilities for the connection of the three essentials

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2018/08/30 10:20
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Electronic scale including the lines connected to the connection of the sensor, a terminal box connected to the weighing indicators, weighing indicators and the printer, the large - format displays, computers and other devices are connected.


Weighing sensor is connected to either of the load cell is connected to the cable by the weighing station, so as to seal the connector to the junction box, power supply in accordance with the four or six or cable of different colors, or to be measured from the positive and negative excitation, positive and negative feedback, positive and negative of the signal corresponding to a junction box or terminal pads.


Junction box connected to the weigh indicator: a dedicated shielded cable connector is sealed on one end to the junction box, the core wire, the other end connected to the respective pad or through a metal pipeline welding positions corresponding to the receipt of a special plug weight indicator) for the insertion of the weight of the indicator sleeve.


Electronic scale with supporting facilities connection must pay particular attention to three key points:

First, a junction box of the input, output line connecting the tightening of the screws firmly and desiccant moisture sealing joint work, to the terminal box cover plate;

Secondly, the different load cells, according to the color codes to distinguish between the input and feedback, and outputs a constant voltage, there is not necessarily the case;

Again, different weight indicator, the weighing receptacle, in the form of a plug that is not the same, the same is not connected, there is not necessarily the case.Electronic scale weighing display factory configuration of the dedicated cable is connected to the weighing of a display and a printer, a large - screen display, computer and other equipment.

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