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Electronic scale how waterproof and dampproof

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Electronic scale how waterproof and dampproof

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2018/08/30 10:21
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Because the electronic scale in the junction box and the sensor is very sensitive to moisture, and hence the electronic scales as well as waterproof and dampproof measures is very necessary.To avoid flooding, electronic scales are mounted is to be noted:

The first, electronic scales are preferably installed when the weighing platform above the ground plane, and make sure the smooth.

Secondly, if an enterprise according to the required site arrangements, electronic scales of the mesas and flat ground, to under the floor of the installation in accordance with the actual case the design is good and adequate drainage, the prevention of scale under normal water level, the junction box, the sensor is flooded.

Third, if the scale body design for installation underground, and is preferably directed to the metering junction box in the room, soaking wet and detachment.

Fourth, if taiwan Heng Electronic scale scale body designed to be installed in an underground installation in such a design good scale body under the silt and sundries on the long - term treatment is provided, the platform may be provided on the side of the ease of entrance and exit of personnel, to prevent blockage of the drainage system, sensor, reduce the rubbish, the turnaround for the scales,A re - certification and work result of the troubles and economic loss.