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Electronic weighbridge daily inspection

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Electronic weighbridge daily inspection

Failure and maintenance
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2018/08/30 10:24
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Electronic loadometer as an increasingly popular large cargo weighing apparatus, if she is to maintain its long - term, stable and precise work, in addition to regular maintenance, daily check is also essential.Today, Xiao Bian by our knowledge, has about electronic loadometer in routine checks that must be detected and inspected.


(a) With regard to the electronic weighbridge of the inspection body: it includes a weighing platform of visual inspection, adjustment, check the position of each connecting member, the sealing of the junction box or a case in which the connection is checked, the unloading of the clearance between the bolts, checking and adjustmentElectronic loadometer each instrument between error inspection of electronic loadometer piece factors of check and the like.Of course, as a major instrument of the facility, there are some places that are not checked.Like the sealing of the junction box and connected to the check, just a year later when she was inspecting it.


Second, the meter is electronic loadometer on the most important points, which were found nothing of these things can't.Small series remind you of, like weighing display, computer and printer facilities and the like, not only is the important work of the display portion, and the working environment of a concrete embodiment.So they cleaned or not directly affects the customers and staff of the Chengdu attaches great importance to the mood and confidence, so that these instruments are used in cleaning work is very important; electronic weighbridge is remote control, so that the wiring of the electronic weighbridge and directly affected the normal work of electronic loadometer.In response, small make up suggest electronic weighbridge of staff can often be the best of the check, electronic weighbridge of each joint portion is made as to whether there is a fracture, loose and unstable ground conditions, once discovered, the best possible solution.