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Electronic weighbridge. Maintenance Instructions

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Electronic weighbridge. Maintenance Instructions

Failure and maintenance
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2018/08/30 10:26
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Since electronic loadometer demand higher precision and stability.So, we get our electronic weighbridge is subjected to a process of adaptation to the electronic weighbridge were reasonable maintenance, electronic loadometer able to ensure the accuracy and stability.However, in the electronic weighbridge kept the time - division without using the other weighing device.So, electronic weighbridge of maintenance needs to take note of the following matters: First, electronic weighbridge shall be periodically verified to ensure its accuracy. Second, the timing of viewing the electronic weighbridge of caging device to ensure the accuracy of the weighing apparatus. Third, the usual scale should be aware of the problems of marginal and foundation pit or scale body with the down - slope end surface for the embedding and six months at the mercy of the viewing platform there are sundries stacked under the daily appearance before energization of the weighing platform is not flexible. Four, chemical and other occupations to have the conditions for each year of the scale body paint.