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digital truck scale SCS - precautions

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digital truck scale SCS - precautions

Failure and maintenance
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2018/08/30 10:29
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1, the electronic weighing instrument should avoid placing in direct sunlight, warmer at the direct effects, and which is vibration in the environment.

2 This product shall be allowed in the power supply voltage and the frequency range used, lest undue faults.

3. This product shall be electronic meters and weighing the weighing station are plugged in to the good ground, grounding resistance no greater than 10 ohm.Grounding grid of the lead - in wire at the contact surface should be well treated, in order to reduce contact resistance.

4. The user shall be installed on top of the effective lightning protection facilities.lightning protection shall conform to national standard "Code for Design of Lightning Protection of Buildings (GBJ57 - 1983) and" Design Norm for Over Voltage Protection of Industrial and Civil Power Devices (GBJ64 - 1983), was installed in front and contact the local meteorological department,According to the local lightning hazard in such a manner as to select a reasonable defense measures.

5. Do not disassemble the product is neither allowed, nor arbitrary displacement of the internal parts, if there are any questions please contact our technical service department.

6. When in use, the case of accidents, immediately turn off the power supply, the professional personnel to perform diagnostics, rigorous removal of nonprofessionals.

7, the product is installed, it must be reported to the local metering department certified and qualified and receive certificates after, may be used normally.

8, in order to ensure that the product accurately for a long time use, and maintenance shall be verified at regular intervals, complying with the principle of the calibration cycle shall not exceed one year.

9, unplug the power plug after powering off the total.

10, due to the hazards of lightning on plant has complicated manifestations, even if the installation of lightning protection facilities, and also is not 100% exempt lightning sensors and meters, and it is therefore, in the thunderstorm season should be disable for this product, and system base on the total weight of the plug or cable.

11, are strictly prohibited in the scale body welding.