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loadometer Battery Maintenance and Precautions

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loadometer Battery Maintenance and Precautions

Failure and maintenance
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2018/08/30 10:35
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Instruments built weighbridge 6V4AH maintenance - free lead - acid battery, a full charge of the case of using a sensor, without the power saving mode, and can work continuously for 30 hours, such as using the power saving mode can be extended for a further 1 / 3 or more.When the plug on the adapter when the meter will automatically charge the batteries, the instrumentation of "charge" indicator is displayed at the time of charging according to circumstances to prompt: when the battery level is insufficient, the indicator is red;When fully charged after the completion of the remnant is green.Power - off charging time of about 24 hours.


Battery belongs to the consumables, without the scope of three guarantees service.To extend the life of batteries, always use a full charge.If not used for a long period of time, every 2 months on a charge, charged up every 24 hours.For handling and must be handled with care to avoid the strong vibration, shock or impact is avoided, preventing the battery internal short - circuit electrode, damage to the battery.