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D18 instrument with the sensor when the number of hops of Fault Elimination

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D18 instrument with the sensor when the number of hops of Fault Elimination

Failure and maintenance
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2018/08/30 10:37
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react to a fault:

D18 instrument connected to the sensor when the hop count phenomenon is not always stable, and empty scale is sometimes hop number several hundred.


Platform survey:

D18 instrument, only the sensor 10, the index value of 20, and the full scale of 100 tons, the new platform to start debugging this to occur.


the scene saw the phenomenon:

Do have the number of hops the phenomenon has not come down, and negative jump to and fro, sometimes several hundred weight of runout.


Estimation and Overhauling process:

One by one he tried the non - contact sensor, the number of hops, thus may be judged not to be the problem in this regard;

Use a multimeter to measure the power cord on neutral and ground wires of the line voltage, it is found that there is electrical interference;


Electrician and went back to the ground, then the instrument is opened, then the number of hops is not found, then electrify half hours maintaining the scale - empty state, the number of hops is not found.


The next day to observe, not the number of hops, problem - solving.