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outdoor activities to celebrate the Women's Day

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outdoor activities to celebrate the Women's Day

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2018/08/10 17:07
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To commemorate the first 107 years of International Women's, I plant on March 11, organize all employees to Shibu's beautiful south outing by destiny, barbecue and other activities.
In the morning, our beautiful in the southern village of Dahab on the basketball court, in order to determine the change of the simple way to celebrate the festival.Yun ping - pong balls, blindfold batting, musical chairs, packet volleyball games, prizes and fun of the game, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone to participate in the game.After the game, with everyone performing to the farmhouse to the barbecue.This series of arrangements for everyone to create a happy, harmonious atmosphere of the event.
Through the above activities, not only alleviating the staff in the working pressure, or to enhance the cohesiveness of the team, helps to promote our work in the harmonious development.