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Loadometer anti - cheat you know?

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Loadometer anti - cheat you know?

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2018/08/30 10:51
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Loadometer anti - cheat is a cheat preventing weighbridge An instrument anti - cheating, it is within a valid operating range of the weighbridge wireless remote signal acquisition, analysis and processing, cheating mask signals, real - time monitoring, recording and data locking, help enterprises from violation, also called weighbridge control instrument. loadometer remote controller has the following features: 1. high concealment;2. The installation method;3. In the future, they weigh the furthest remote controlled distance is typically in the 100 meters, with the aid of other means can reach 1 - 3 km;4. easy to manipulate, weighbridge, a remote controller, to a secondary operation, can be implemented as the weigh of the remote control;5. The slight volume;6. A fast response RF propagation velocity of light is similar, remote instruction transfer of weighbridge is relatively fast;7. the harmfulness is great, the weighbridge is a secret remote control behavior, to individuals, enterprises of the losses are incalculable. Anti - cheat the weighbridge, weighbridge for remote control is a kind of cheating against the instrument.Effective and timely discovery the weighbridge cheating remote controller signals, and acousto - optic alarm prompt. local pounds by a remote controller or the radio device was cheating, weighbridge remote alarm will sound and light alarm;And automatically locked, and records this cheat by remote control signals, such as frequency of cheating, address, time information such as cheating.The user can browse the weighbridge remote control alarm of cheating, and judges whether or not the cheat by remote control.If the remote is cheating, after reduction, the meter will display an accurate weight of cheating.

loadometer cheat cheating may be received signal after the automatic termination of the command, restore the true weight, that is to say, even on the weighbridge cheat by remote control, the operator inadvertently forget to validate or glitch in the computer software is not properly working, weighbridge telecontrol alarm capable of automatically restoring the true weight of instruction,Maximum weighing to ensure data security, rather than employing the remote control signal shielding method of cheating, because if the cheat of a breakthrough in the prevention and control of power metering monitor of shielding power, caused by the losses could be higher.

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