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Anti - cheating method of electronic truck scale

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Anti - cheating method of electronic truck scale

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2018/08/30 10:54
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Electronic truck scale based on the various forms of cheating, the enterprise in order to safeguard its own legitimate interests, it is possible to adopt various methods corresponding to:


1. The infrared detector

According to the driver of the vehicle is different from the rest position to a cheating method which adopts the infrared detector is an effective way to prevent cheating.


2. Using different foundation structure

A driver utilizes the vehicle's electronic truck scale are docked in different positions of the wheel, a bead - by - side method of cheating behavior, may be in electronic truck structure based on different methods to prevent cheating.First, in the electronic truck scale basis is not bilaterally set and guardrail, which can effectively prevent the driver wheel against the guardrail on the weighing cheating;Secondly, the midsize truck wheel is pressed against the both sides of the foundation of cheating behavior, the design of the electronic truck scale so as to have a predetermined width on both sides of the passage of the overhaul, such electronic truck scale station can only exist in the valid range, the pressure in the wheel which do not have access to both sides of the basis weight reduction as cheating, while at the same time,Both sides of the access channel may also be beneficial to a usual electronic truck scale of maintenance, cleaning, and is a two - fer.


3. The weighing sensor cable

Electronic truck scale weighing sensor is installed, the cable for the most part through the conduit as it is walking, but there is still a part of the outside or if the wrong person, i. e., that portion of the cable stripped bare skin, the string into a remote control receiving device for remote controlling a cheat.Therefore, it is possible to adopt a load cell and a conduit between the plastic coated hose or hose stainless steel cable, one end of the weighing sensor. The joint with screw connectors, metal to one end of the catheter is also provided with a screw joint.This method can effectively prevent the destruction of the cable in series using a remote control receiver according to the method of cheating.


4. The digital electronic truck scale

Since the weighing sensor using a digital signal to be transmitted, and the digital signal is transmitted is different according to the manufacturer - defined for different communication protocols, the weighing sensors of different manufacturers, which is a signal of the transmission will not be identical.In a digital weighing sensor of the transmission signal on the cheating, you must decipher different digital weighing sensor. The communication protocol is possible, therefore, generally of nonprofessional personnel desire in digital electronic truck scale on cheating probability is very small,Digital electronic truck scale with substitution analog electronic truck scale, and re - check and interference has a greater advantage in preventing the use of the remote control receiver devices to cheat in this connection also has a very significant effect.


5. Electronic Computerization management

using computerized management, the use of the instrument that is mounted in the RS - 232 or RS - 485 on the pretext of weighing data real time transmission to the computer, weighing - machine operator shall be responsible only for the relevant weighing data, name of goods, transport units and other relevant to data inputting, it is impossible to modify the weighing data,Input parameters by the printer will print out the data, and the computerized magagement system can realize communications of two computer, multi computer communication and network connection, and can greatly increase production efficiency, eliminate weighman open. You owe me a ticket, the ticket and its relationship to its cheating behavior.