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How to Choose the weighing software

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How to Choose the weighing software

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2018/08/30 11:02
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The platform balance weighing management informatization popularization of today, to select a suitable weighing display software is crucial.


First, the conventional weighing, the dosing member in accordance with the display of the weighing data, manually carrying out copying, make odd, shift handover of every day, daily, monthly and quarterly reports are required than on weighing documents, by tap calculator for accounting for, and in order to avoid weighing errors of data, sometimes the need for the same work was repeated for a couple of times.Effort - consuming, labor costs are rising, which has also affected the enterprise profits.


Second, because the manual is, weighing data unable to guarantee the accuracy, and it provides an opportunity to give the driver the fraud.Every year since weighting data cheating money loss, immeasurable.


III. Management cannot timely obtain every day of the weighing data, cannot effectively real - time knowledge of the day, the month - the case or the like.


The total on said, choose a reliable, stable weighing software is very important.

Currently on the market of the weighing software manufacturers, and it is hard to distinguish is, there are many of them are not strict and normative developers to create software, the interface roughness is not a good experience, often automatically, which is not stable, most of all, after purchase by a customer, security guarantees and after - sales service does not exist,Such developers pulled low prices, to confuse the market, actually hurt the biggest users themselves.


So, buy the software pre - weighing recommendations may be found in the following points:

1. Software developers of development experience, this can be seen on the market are doing relatively long weighing software development company, relatively speaking, the accumulation of development experience and compare the effect, in software design and the function has an advantage over some of the new company.


2. Introduction of software interface on the beauty, compact, easy - to - operate, using a better experience.Although this is not the main factor of the reference, but also in some ways reflects the rigour of the software.


3. The software and customer acceptance and stability.Which is very important, some developers may inquire of the typical customer use cases as well as the stability, the stability may be download after their own testing, and would often play wrong by flying, automatically shut down, etc.


Software quality, if reference is made to the above screening, the quality is guaranteed, and the contract is just a form of the brand and not by deceiving.