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Base Form of Ground Weight

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Base Form of Ground Weight

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2018/12/12 15:20
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There are two ways to install the floor weights: whether there is a foundation pit or not, or whether there is a foundation pit (also known as shallow foundation pit).
1. No foundation pit (recommended) pounds above ground, slopes on both sides
  [1] Low cost of foundation construction
  [2] Easy installation and maintenance
  [3] Good ventilation
  [4] Simple maintenance without water accumulation
U-Beam High Strength Ground Weight
Protective measures should be taken on both sides of the weights to protect the railings and prevent the weights from being hit by the car by mistake.
2. Shallow Foundation Pit: Foundation is made parallel to the ground.
Advantages: [1] Small area without foundation pit
        [2] Easy to use.
Disadvantage: [1] If the drainage is not smooth, it is easy to soak in water.
         [2] Installation and maintenance are inconvenient and equipment dependent.
         [3] Poor ventilation at the bottom and moisture-prone electronic components
Emphasis: Drainage system must be designed and made accurately and properly.
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