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Weighing principle

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Weighing principle

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2018/12/19 10:55
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Ground weights can be divided into U-shaped steel ground weights, channel steel ground weights, I-shaped steel ground weights and reinforced concrete ground weights according to the structure of the scale body; digital ground weights, analog ground weights and whole ground weights can be divided according to sensors; automobile weights are commonly called ground weights. Ground weights can be classified into analog and digital ones according to the output signals of sensors; static and dynamic ones according to weighing methods; ground weighing and ground weighing according to installation methods; steel and concrete countertops according to the structure of weighing platform; explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof ones according to the use environment; and automation degree of ground weighing. It is divided into non-automatic weighing and automatic weighing. Their basic configuration is the same. Sensors, junction boxes, printers and weighing instruments are needed. Today's weights can be equipped with computers and weighing software!
Ground pound English is: scale, so there are SCS Series in the industry; Common specifications are: 3-3.4 meters wide, 6-24 meters long, weighing range of 30-200 tons, some manufacturers can produce to 250 tons.
The standard configuration of the weighing system is mainly composed of three main components: load-bearing force transfer mechanism (weighing body), high-precision weighing sensor and weighing display instrument. Thus, the basic weighing function of the weighing system can be completed. According to the requirements of different users, printers, large screen displays and weighing management software systems can be selected to meet the needs of higher-level data management and transmission.
Load-bearing and force-transferring mechanism: The mechanical platform which transfers the weight of the object to the weighing sensor, usually has two forms of steel structure and steel-concrete structure.
High Precision Weighing Sensor: The core component of the weighing instrument, which plays the role of converting the weight value into the corresponding measurable electric signal, has a direct bearing on the quality of the weighing instrument.
Weighing Display Instrument: It is used to measure the electric signals transmitted by sensors, and then to process and display the weight readings by special software. It can further transmit the data to printers, large screen displays and computer management systems.
Printer: Used to print weight data forms.
Large screen: Used for remote reading.
Weighing management software (system): for further processing, storage, transmission of weight data.
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