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How to Choose Ground Weight Specification

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How to Choose Ground Weight Specification

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2019/01/07 15:32
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Some recommended dimensions (information is for reference only, depending on vehicle type selection)
Tricycles, farm vehicles, single-axle vehicles, etc!
Suitable for: 2m*4m, 2.5m*5m and 2.5m*6m
Single Bridge Vehicle, Rear Eight Wheels, etc.
Suitable for: 3m*7m and 3m*8m
The rear eight wheels, the front four and the back eight (the length of the car box is 9.6 meters, too)
Suitable for: 3m x 9m and 3m x 10m
Semi-trailer, cement tanker, etc.
Suitable for: 3m*12m and 3m*14m
Semi-trailer, Trailer
Suitable for: 3m x 16m and 3m x 18m