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Common Faults and Maintenance of Ground Weight

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Common Faults and Maintenance of Ground Weight

Failure and maintenance
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2019/04/13 10:23
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Addressing the Causes of Fault Condition Phenomenon。
After the power supply is switched on without self-check, the meter display is incomplete or not displayed, and sometimes it is accompanied by a beeping sound. External 220V power supply and power supply circuit are malfunctioning or instrument damage. Check replacement.。
The weighing error is not allowed.
1. There is a foreign body blockage or restriction device to withstand the body.
2. There is an error in the corners.
1. Check whether the balance platform is flexible and removes obstacles
2. Readjust. 
The display drift meter shows instability, ranging from tens of kg to hundreds of kg.
1. There is a malfunction in the instrument and sensor.
2. The junction box is wet.
3. Wet leakage after sensor cable damage.
1. Replace instruments and sensors. ::
2. Dry the junction box.
3. After drying, wrap it with electrical tape.
After booting or uninstalling, there is no error hint or display of a more stable value after zero is returned, and zero bits are not displayed.
1. There is a malfunction in the instrument and sensor.
2. Libra has debris blockage or restriction device to withstand.
1. Replace instruments and sensors. ::
2. Check around the scale table, clean up debris, adjust the limit.
Can not store weighing data meter display error information
1. Weighing records are full.
2. When the data is unstable or when the gross weight is 0 or the net weight is 0, it can not be stored.
1. Clear data, the specific operation steps refer to the instrument manual.
2. The weight is stabilized before storage.
Can not print Printer can not print
1. Printer connection or setting is not correct.
2. Printer damage.
1. Check the connection line and reset the print parameters.
2. Repair or replacement. ::
Projects bearing the logo should be carried out by professional and technical personnel.
If the sensor is replaced, it should be re-checked before use.