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digital electronic truck scale

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digital electronic truck scale

functionalcharacteristics Platformandaccessoryparts1:analogsignals,andacombinationweigheraccordingtothestation:effectivelyadaptdifferentmodelsofweighing.2:goodrigidity,highstrength,canadapttocomplexen
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functional characteristics


Platform and accessory parts

1: analog signals, and a combination weigher according to the station: effectively adapt different models of weighing.

2: good rigidity, high strength, can adapt to complex environment.

3: special means to guarantee the stability and accuracy of the weighing process.

4: unique structural design, to avoid dirt to drain the scale body, so as to effectively prevent dirt on the bearing platform of internal corrosion.


sensor section

1: digital output, the transmission distance is long, the accuracy of theMoreHigh.

2: adaptation of the scale body arranged in the open air.

3:MoreGood stability and tightness.

4, the lateral force resistance and overload performanceMoreStrong.


The gauge portion

1: real - time digital display, intuitive and readable.

2: Peeling, automatic zero tracking.

3: fault self - diagnosis.

4: keyboard or computer setting, correction;Without mechanical operation.

5: daily report, summary report, the cumulative print.

6: may be a serial number, date and other query conditions.


Microcomputer and a (optional)

1: Microcomputer P4 is equal to or higher than the domestic brands of high - quality, stable performance.

2: Weighing Management Software is powerful, easy to operate.

3: uninterruptible power supplies, printers, screens, and other subsystems of optional extensions.

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