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Scale, platform scale business hotline: 0771-3159933  

Platform scale, electronic scale business hotline: 0771-3153889After service telephone: 0771-3165266

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Company address: No. 10, North inter South Road, Nanning.

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digital electronic truck scale

functionalcharacteristics Platformandaccessoryparts1:analogsignals,andacombinationweigheraccordingtothestation:effectivelyadaptdifferentmodelsofweighing.2:goodrigidity,highstrength,canadapttocomplexen

electronic truck scale

functionalcharacteristics 1,theweighingplatformmodularization,standardization,diversificationoftheportfolio.2,theweighingplatformandthestrongrigidity,highstrengthandabrasionresistance,pressure-proof,m

analog electronic truck scale

Productsynopsis: Weigh-bridgealsocalledbulkgoodsvehicleweighbridgeisweighingageneral-purposedevices,duetoitshighaccuracy,operatingandeasymaintenanceandthelikewidelyusedinrailwaystations,docks,mines,me

digital electronic truck scale

Product display and digital analog electronic truck scale weighing platform of the accessories of various specifications of the standard weight scale electronic scale mechanical browsing of commoditie

digital electronic truck scale

Functional Characteristics of 1, the weighing platform modularization, standardization, diversification of the portfolio.2, the weighing platform and the strong rigidity, high strength and abrasion re

SCS - 5t electronic platform scale

SCS electronic platform scale of the scale is the use of high - precision resistance strain type weighing sensor and weighing display performance of the metering device.Weighing has quick, stable and
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