Service guarantee

five lines", the specially - assigned person to listen to the user inquiries, within the shortest possible time to restore the normal operation of the user equipment is our invariable custom - service tenet.

▶ Service faith:Take action immediately!The quality of talking.

▶ sale guarantee:We have 24 / 7, 365 days every day in response to user demand.

▶ technology -- The factory with the Guangxi Institute of Measurement and Testing in topic development and long - term technical cooperation;Our Guest Services Manager and Electronic Huang Zhuo Hua, the chief of the Guangxi Electronic Technology is one of the members of the Panel of Experts, to its customer service team, led by a professional, serious, meticulous and responsible professionalism in the industry establish a good reputation.

▶ service ability- - eight professional and technical personnel;

Part Six taking passenger car:Gui ANH003, Gui ANH013, Gui ANH023, Gui ANH053, Gui AV2571, Gui ANH033

▶ accessories support- We have matching with a sensitivity of 2 GB /. v of the sensor and with the optimum cost weighing of specialized instrumentation, factory and home sensor in the industry of Ningbo Ke force sensing technology co., ltd,China first obtained the International Organization of Legal Metrology Certification of Shanghai Yaohua Weighing System Co., Ltd was established by Zhang with the strategic cooperation relationship.

▶ system- - - - high - quality service will have not only talent but also the scientific management, strict procedure and specification of supervision etc. to improve customer service management system.After years of accumulation and development, we have accumulated rich working experience in customer service, and established a comprehensive customer service management system;Our management working principle is that institutionalized and normalized.

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Platform scale, electronic scale business hotline: 0771-3153889After service

telephone: 0771-3165266

Complaint telephone: 0771-3154958

Company address: No. 10, North inter South Road, Nanning.

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